What is the purpose of this Web-site?

The purpose of this web site is to inform about Shin Kurata’s research at the Nagasaki University and the activities on the Kurata Lab. But, I cannot update this web site frequently because I am not a methodical person.

What is the Kurata-lab?

Kurata Lab is the laboratory in the Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University. Undergraduate students in elementary school education courses can belong to it. Graduate students can also belong to it. Kurata Lab’s graduate theses themes are mainly in the fields of ICT-based learning (online learning, etc.) and information education. In addition, since we emphasize “constructivism” in our laboratory, we often research on the development of teaching materials and learning design. However, we have decided on the theme of the graduation theses based on the interests of the students as much as possible. In addition, the Kurata lab has a nice atmosphere and students in this Lab are actively engaged in activities such as planning extra events. Please contact us if you are interested in it!